Happy as a pig in mud

IMG_7504Here is the pigs in mud cake I made some time ago. Elise wanted to surprise her partner Dave with a birthday cake. Apparently Dave has an affinity with pigs!

Pig's bum!

Pig’s bum!

I have to thank my friend Bianca who shared her yummy tip to use this Nigella chocolate olive oil cake recipe and this rich salted caramel ganache, rather than straight chocolate.

I altered the salted caramel ganache recipe a bit by using only half dark chocolate and substituting the second half with milk chocolate. The result was delicious, gooey salted caramel ‘mud’.

I made the pigs from fondant and let them set for a few days before they plunged into the mud. In my research for this cake I found that you can actually purchase the pigs on etsy but I totally recommend making them yourself. Fun and easier than they look.


Assembling the cake was also easy. Just place one cake on the cake board, fill with the ganache, top with a second cake and then ice the sides with the ganache. You really only need enough on the side to ensure the kit kats stick to it. Next, grab a LOT of kit kats (I had to send The Creative to the shop for more halfway through) and line them around the cake like a fence.

By this time the ganache should be sufficiently set to pour in to the mud pit. When it’s all in, the kit kats should act as a barrier to stop it dribbling all over the place. It’s a good idea to put the whole cake in the fridge overnight and then place the pigs on it.

My favourite little pig

My favourite little pig


Dave loved it!

Dave loved it!

As usual, my beagly assistant was on hand to inspect the craftsmanship.

As usual, my beagly assistant was on hand to inspect the craftsmanship.

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