Amelia’s vegan chocolate and avocado cake

Here’s a link to what I reckon is one of the yummiest chocolate cakes I’ve ever made. And it’s vegan!

I’ve been looking for a chance to practice some vegan baking. I made this one for Amelia’s birthday in December. I know it sounds crazy, but the combination of avocado and chocolate worked so well. The pictures are terrible, but you get the idea.


This cake was rich and moist. As you can see, the batter was quite thin. Don’t be scared, it will cook evenly.

IMG_6388The avocado buttercream icing is probably the most surprising aspect of the cake. It was basically avocado, lemon and icing sugar whipped up into a big fluffy concoction. It tasted like… banana! It even had the consistency of banana, if it wasn’t this deep green colour, you’d wonder if it had banana in it.


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