Half and half birthday cake

Each week we head over to The Creative’s parents’ house for Sunday night dinner. The rule is, if it’s someone’s birthday they get to pick the menu. Each year my father-in-law, Gary, and my brother-in-law, Pat, celebrate their birthdays two days apart. Therefore, Sunday night dinner last week was a dual celebration.

With the help of Charlie, I came up with a half and half cake. Half for Gary and half for Pat.

I had an idea for a choc-peppermint cake with Peppermint Crisp. But what would go well with choc-peppermint? Charlie was all over it – cookies and cream with Oreos, of course.

During the week, my friend Carissa had mentioned ‘bake even strips’, designed to stop cakes from getting a peak in the middle. Basically, the strips are wet and when wrapped around the outside of a cake tin, they disperse the heat more slowly and stop the outside heating up too quickly and cooking faster than the middle. I did a bit of research and found a blog with some DIY strips.


I can report that they actually work! The cakes came out evenly cooked and flat. It did take about ten minutes longer to cook and I also recommend turning the cake halfway through baking to ensure it cooks evenly, but most people do that anyway.

While the two perfectly flat cakes were cooling, I whipped some pure cream with icing sugar, some vanilla and added the chopped Oreos. I popped this into the fridge so the Oreos could get nice and smooshy.

Next, I wizzed up a buttercream icing with a little peppermint essence and folded through some crushed Peppermint Crisp.

I covered half of one cake with the buttercream and by that stage, a quick stir of the cookies and cream mix turned it a chocolatey colour and I spread that on too.


I whacked the other cake on top, piped some blobs and decorated with the Oreo and Peppermint Crisps.

The result, something for everyone!


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