Mr Peacock and a blessed event

Today was Ava Rose Leese’s blessing ceremony and second birthday party.
I was lucky enough to be asked by her lovely mum, Tam, to make the cake again.

Last year, Ava’s cake was one of the first few times I worked with fondant, so I knew I could do better this year.

Tam wanted a peacock cake to fit with the theme of the day and sent me over a few ideas. 20121014-203340.jpg

Technically, the fondant work was more difficult than I’d ever done and working with the edible gold dust was interesting too.

Inside was a four layer white velvet ombré cake in shades of blue, filled with homemade lemon curd (do not buy lemon curd! Trust me, make your own, it is simple and so worth it. I swear by this recipe) and blueberries. 20121014-210305.jpg

Mr Peacock was made from fondant and flower moulding paste and his feathers were all fondant with edible gold, jade and blue dust. I made his little head flourish out of artificial flower stamens painted with the gold dust.

He’s naked!


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