Wild yeast update – Day 2: It’s ALIVE!

When I woke up on day two of the sourdough experiment I was pretty hopeful that something would have changed.

This time I was NOT disappointed! My sourdough was alive! Gorgeous big bubbles were all through it.


It looked beautiful! All the little yeasty bacteria were working together to make my starter a big, bubbly living thing!

The smell was still like a flour batter, but with a fruity twist. There were bubbles all the way through, it had risen somewhat and a blob of watery goop had separated at the bottom.

Now that it was a living and, evidently, breathing thing I thought I better name it. The Creative and I named him Frank (after all, he is the result of my insane experiment).

I gave Frank a good stir (which allowed me to feel his lovely airey texture) with my wooden spoon and returned him to his home next to the oven.

The next day we were heading to Bundaberg and I was considering taking Frank with us. When I woke up he was looking a bit flatter than the day before and smelled a bit funkier, so I decided to leave him behind and take my chances…

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