Wild yeast update: Day 1

To say that I am disappointed is a total understatement. I’m devastated!

First up this morning, visually from the other side of the kitchen, nothing had changed. As I approached, I could see that there were definitely no bubbles. When I got in close I could smell it (it smelt the same, like flour batter – NOT stinky). Then I discovered the only change – it has begun to discolour.


You can see the darker flecks in there. Now, I’m not sure if that’s the potato (likely) or the whole meal from that wholemeal flour I added. I’m hoping it means it’s begun fermenting. That raised my hopes a little.

Maybe it was too cold last night. These things like warmth. Earlier I fired up the oven for some baking but nothing has changed since. At about 4:30 I gave it a stir and noticed that the smell is getting slightly less inviting.

Hopefully tomorrow there’ll be some action!


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