Roasted globe artichokes

I picked these babies up on a whim the other arvo. I couldn’t go past their colour, so springtime!

I looked around on the internet and found that the standard way to prepare an artichoke is to steam it. Instead, I was really keen on roasting them and knocked up this simple recipe with lemon, garlic and olive oil.

That’s a Tam Leese bush lemon right there. Amazingly juicy!

Cutting off the stem meant that the pretty little things sit flat, like a bowl. To make it a little tastier I added an anchovy fillet to each of the roasting parcels and a few sprigs of fresh thyme. I assumed the anchovy would break down after the hour and a half in a hot oven so I skipped the sea salt.

To eat it you pull out the individual leaves and use your teeth to scrape off the soft flesh. When you get to the base, the last of the leaves will kind of pop off like a little cap and you’ll see some furry stuff, remove that and the last thing to eat will be the base.

I made a little EVOO and lemon juice dressing to dip them in as I ate. Such a treat.


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