Planning, planning, planning

Considering the area I’ve got to work with, I thought it prudent to plan. There’s not much available floor space on the deck so my aim is to go up! The lattice will provide a handy-dandy hanging space and area for viney plants to grow onto and receives a hearty dose of full sun each morning.

My plan (I know it’s a little fuzzy and yes, I did do this in Word and no, I am not good at design – much to the chagrin of the resident designer):

I wanted to start off small and see how I go, so I haven’t strayed too far from the usual herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, coriander and parsley), some tomatoes and carrots, a curry leaf tree (I plan to buy one and repot) and some zucchini and strawberries. I’ve also thrown in some chilli, shallots, spring onion, lavender and nasturtiums for good measure. After doing up my plan, maybe I’m not starting off so small after all! As I don’t think I’ll be able to get it all up and running at the same time, I’ll aim to take a staggered approach to it. I also need to be mindful of how much weight the old deck can handle.

My good friend Amy told me nasturtiums are the most companionable of companion plants so after a little research I decided they could go in with the curry leaf. Parsley and tomatoes, strawberries and borage, and lettuce and onion also make good pairings.

Everything I’ve chosen can be planted now and can withstand full sun. Some things will need a little more water than others. I plan to use a combination of seedlings and seeds. Seeds are something I have never been successful with, but I am determined to crack ’em!

7 thoughts on “Planning, planning, planning

  1. Hey Ambs! Looks great. I have been eating a lot of kale lately, meant to be a superfood and all. I hear it is pretty easy to grow and is incredibly versatile, can be eaten raw in a salad or cooked like spinach. Might be a worthy inclusion.

    • Ohh thanks Tahn, didn’t think of kale. I had this idea it was like seaweed for some reason?!
      Could definitely fit it in with the lettuce varieties.
      EDIT: Tahn, you could get your own little balcony garden happening!

      • Kale is awesome! You’re thinking of kelp, right Amber?

        I want a balcony garden! Too many damn possums though 😡

      • Hahaha I feel like such a doofus! Good sleuthing Don, that musta been why I made that connection!
        I reckon the 99 deck would be perfect for a little vegie patch.
        Yep, we get a few possums around here too. I plan to get a net sheet thingy to hang over the lattice, so hopefully that will work. But luckily there has been a noticeable decrease in possum activity since Hank arrived.

  2. I love having a herb garden! I plan to re-do mine in my new house in the next couple of weeks. Spring onion tip, buy a bunch that looks good and healthy, cut off about an inch from the roots and plant it, it grows for ages and you get to use what you cut off, I have two bunches on the window sill in a glass of water and am using the new growth on them also

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